The Center offers several options for therapy. We offer both residential and outpatient treatment plans.

A. Individual Psychotherapy

The Colleen Miller’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Alcohol and Drug Addiction is committed to the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. The center recognizes the need for individual one on one attention to explore broader issues in a safe and nurturing environment. We offer a nonjudgmental environment, in a relaxed space to help facilitate a deep and meaningful connection to the counselor. Each client will get an individualized action plan that will aid in long-lasting behavioral change.

Areas Covered in the Family Sessions

  • Exploring the reasons why there is destructive behavior and how to manage their behavior
  • Self-awareness to understand the client’s role in their treatment
  • Self-acceptance and forgiveness of past hurts and how to move forward with a healthy confidence
  • Responsibility for actions, past, present, and future
  • Tools to use to overcome adverse obstacles in the everyday environment
  • Understanding past psychological trauma and how to deal appropriately with the trauma
  • Set long term goals
  • Explore connections and responsibilities in interpersonal relationships
  • Tools to deal with anxiety, stress, anger, and depression
  • Identifying habits that contribute to the addiction and taking steps to change those destructive habits into healthy habits
  • Effective communication tools to use with family, friends, and co-workers
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B. Family Program

The Center acknowledges the role the family plays in the ability of an individual to be healthy. Family plays a central part in the treatment at Colleen Miller’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Alcohol and Drug Addiction.

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Areas Covered in the Family Sessions

  • Acknowledges that addictions affect the entire family
  • The role the family plays in rehabilitation
  • How family functions to support growth, freedom, and needs of each family member
  • How to work together to heal the family and the relationships of those in your family circle
  • How to have open and honest communication
  • There are several options for family therapy depending on the needs of both the individual and the family unit
  • We use individual and group therapies to help the family unit communicate effectively and safely about past traumas
  • We teach skills to help to heal strong emotions and how to manage those emotions in the future

The family unit is vital in the growth and development of every one of us. We know that it is crucial to the success of the rehabilitation process. That is why we put as much emphasis on family sessions as we do other forms of treatment.

C. Group Therapy

Here at the Center we also put a lot of emphasis on group therapy. In group therapy, you can talk to others that are or have been in precisely the same place as you currently find yourself. It has been essential to former addicts to be able to have a safe place to talk knowing that there are others that have walked the same path.

Areas Covered in Group Therapy

  • Group therapy sessions give you the chance to find others that have been through very similar experiences
  • You will have a group of others to cheer you on during your rehabilitation
  • You will have the opportunity to see similar problems from others eyes and experiences
  • Human beings social beings and we are made to learn from each other
  • There are AAA type meetings where you will be able to speak frankly
  • There will be a chance to learn effective communication skills
  • You will learn to overcome anxiety, aggression, and depression through communication
  • You will learn a variety of coping skills from others that have tested and use them regularly
  • The Center offers both outpatient and residential group programs
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