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addiction of alcohol

Colleen Miller’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Founded by Colleen Miller,  our center offers a safe and comfortable space to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. It is a leading treatment center providing a nonjudgmental place for you to begin the healing process from alcohol and drug abuse.

Who Would Benefit At Our Center

Our state of the art center is perfect for those struggling with addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Lasting recovery needs a treatment plan that meets you where you are and helps you work your way to complete health. No matter how hopeless you feel, our alcohol and drug addiction center has an individualized plan that is tailor-made for you.

What Do We Have to Offer

We offer a wide range of options with medically supervised detox, natural approach to wellness, residential and outpatient rehabilitation programs.

Group and individualized sessions

Community meetings

Family sessions

12 step work

Educational sessions

Physical and nutritional classes

A nonjudgmental environment


108 East Bronco Trail
Phoenix City 85044

Working Hours

10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Monday - Saturday

Phone Number

+1 (602) 555-0169