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Colleen Miller’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Center


Colleen Miller’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Founded by Colleen Miller,  our center offers a safe and comfortable space to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. It is a leading treatment center providing a nonjudgmental place for you to begin the healing process from alcohol and drug abuse.


The Center offers several options for therapy. We offer both residential and outpatient treatment plans.

Individual Psychotherapy

Self-awareness to understand the client's role in their treatment. Self-acceptance and forgiveness of past hurts and how to move forward with a healthy confidence.

Family Program

Acknowledges that addictions affect the entire family. We use individual and group therapies to help the family unit communicate effectively and safely about past traumas.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions give you the chance to find others that have been through very similar experiences. You will have a group of others to cheer you on during your rehabilitation.

"This center saved our lives. We thought there was no hope for our daughter. She was abusing alcohol for over 6 years. Thanks to Colleen Miller and her amazing staff we have our daughter back. She is now in college and working on her MBA."
"Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me!! You have made me feel like a different person. You have no idea how grateful I am for that. Your team is some of the most caring people that I have ever met, there are not enough words to express how I feel. I will never forget everything that you have done. Thank you again!".
"I want to thank you for the time your team gave to my grandson. Thank you for caring so much about him and not just about my money. It was hard to choose a place to send him, but I know he is in the right place. Thank you!"


108 East Bronco Trail
Phoenix City 85044

Working Hours

10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Monday - Saturday

Phone Number

+1 (602) 555-0169